Stuart Broad

UK Tabloid Talk 13/7

Stuart Broad isn't the most popular man in the UK at the moment.

Ban Stuart Broad for refusing to walk in Ashes after being caught out says legend Holding
by Dean Wilson, The Daily Mail
Controversial actions deemed just as bad as those of West Indian who got suspended... by the England star's match-referee dad.

Walk into a storm: Broad stands his ground... and Holding wants him BANNED!
by Lawrence Booth, The Daily Mail
West Indies legend Michael Holding has called for Stuart Broad to be banned for failing to walk at a crucial stage of the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge.

Broad's not a bad lad and what he did wasn't extraordinary... but he should have walked, for sport's sake
by Martin Samuel, The Daily Mail
He should have walked. Of course, he should have walked. Turned on his heel and headed back to the pavilion, not a backward glance, not a second thought.

Ian Botham on Stuart Broad: If you start banning players who don't walk, Australia wouldn't have a team
by Ian Botham, The Daily Mirror
The 'out' England batsman was absolutely right to stand his ground and got away with one. It was just an umpire error - you move on.

James Lawton: Stuart Broad's refusal to walk shows that the Spirit of Cricket is well and truly dead
by James Lawton, The Independent
Stuart Broad never had the diplomatic service as a career option and as the latest Ashes battle picked up some of its oldest aggressive tendencies in the sunlit evening of the third day of the first Test we were once again reminded why this was so.

Like father like son, Stu
by Steven Howard, The Sun
England stamped and screamed when a controversial umpiring decision saw Jonathan Trott out first ball on Thursday night.
Bombastic ECB chairman Giles Clarke even rang ICC chief David Richardson to complain.
They weren’t complaining last night, though.
Oh, no, this was different.

Brilliant Bell plays the innings of his life to stretch England's lead
by Nasser Hussain, The Daily Mail
Ian Bell was exceptional. This is how he needs to bat all of the time, over-my-dead-body stuff, not just when he really needs to.