Safeguarding Children & young people

Australian Cricket is committed to ensuring that every cricket participant, including children and young people, participates in our sport free of abuse, harassment, bullying or any other form of inappropriate conduct.


Reports can be made to integrity@cricket.com.au and Cricket Australia’s Core Integrity hotline:

Phone: 1300 FAIR GAME (1300 3247 4263) 
Email: or fairgame@coreintegrity.com.au    
Online: http://qrs.ly/FairGameCA 



Reports can be made via childsafe@cricket.com.au and Cricket Australia’s Core Integrity hotline:

Phone: 1300 FAIR GAME (1300 3247 4263) 
Email: or fairgame@coreintegrity.com.au   
Online: http://qrs.ly/FairGameCA 



Complaints can be made via childsafe@cricket.com.au or to the relevant State & Territory Association integrity contact or Member Protection Information Officer. See contact details below.

Our framework for Safeguarding Children & Young People

  1. Australian Cricket’s Commitment Statement to Safeguarding Children & Young People
  2. Australian Cricket's policy for Safeguarding Children & Young People
  3. Australian Cricket's Looking After Our Kids Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations, Clubs and Indoor Centres
  4. Looking After Our Kids Code of Behaviour for Australian Cricket Personnel 

Resources for Associations, Clubs and Indoor Centres

These resources assist committee members within affiliated associations and clubs to adopt Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children & Young People and deliver a child safe sport. The Australian Cricket Child Safety Officer (CSO) Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to assist CSOs to promote a culture of child safety within their club, association or indoor centre.

  1. Looking After Our Kids Action Plan
  2. Child Safety Officer Toolkit
  3. Parent-Guardian Transport Approval
  4. Image Consent and Release Form
  5. Livestream Consent Form
  6. Child Safety Acknowledgement Form

eLearning modules for Recognising and Reporting Abuse

A free resource to help community cricket volunteers, coaches, umpires and parents recognise and report prohibited conduct in cricket, covering all forms of abuse, misconduct and grooming.

  • Each module takes just 5 minutes to complete.
  • We recommended to start with the ‘Looking after our kids introduction’ module, from which you can also navigate to each topic.
  • You can complete all the modules or select the modules you want to learn more about.
  1. Looking after our kids introduction   बच्चों की सुरक्षा
  2. Looking after our kids Code of Behaviour   बच्चों की देखभाल कोड ऑफ बिहेवियर
  3. Recognising Emotional Abuse   भावनात्मक शोषण को पहचानना
  4. Recognising Physical Abuse   शारीरिक शोषण को पहचानना
  5. Recognising Sexual Abuse   यौन शोषण को पहचानना
  6. Recognising Grooming   ग्रूमिंग की पहचान
  7. Disclosures and Reporting   खुलासे और रिपोर्टिंग

Resource: Promoting the eLearn’s within your association or club


Case Studies

Quinns Rocks Junior CC - Case Study
South Hobart / Sandy Bay CC - Case Study


Play by the Rules - Online Child Protection Course

eSafety Commissioner Sports Hub