Every playing kit for the men's T20 World Cup

Here's where you'll find the official playing kit reveals for all 20 nations at this year's men's T20 World Cup in the USA and Caribbean

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One of the most intriguing events in the lead-up to a World Cup is the slow but steady stream of new kit reveals. So far, the 2024 men's T20 World Cup has set a high bar, with a combination of fan-designed offerings and retro-inspired lavishness setting the stage for a colourful tournament.

As the playing kits continue to be revealed, they'll be updated here. And every nation's playing squad will be available here.


Never one to try too much with their playing strip, Afghanistan have again gone simple for this year's T20 World Cup. Their kit is their standard blue we've come to associate with the Afghan side and also carries a subtle map of the Asian country on the front too.Β 

Much more impressive than the actual kit is the announcement video the ACB used to promote it (above). Then again, if this shirt really does spawn from a bowl of water, gems and wheat, maybe it is something special.Β 


Mitch Marsh reveals Australia's T20 World Cup playing kit

For the first time, Australia will wear a predominantly green kit at a World Cup event. The Asics kit for this year's tournament mirrors the kit designed for the 2023-24 home summer, and which will again be in use next summer for the 2024-25 season, with a dark green hue that has a subtle gradient on the top, with gold underarm sections. Its side panels feature the Walkabout Wickets artwork that has been increasingly prelevant in Australian kits since it was created in 2016. The switch to all green brings to an end a run of five successive T20 World Cup kits that had been predominantly black, starting in 2012.

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Playing kit not yet revealed


The Canadian kit unveiled at a Toronto Blue Jays match on May 15 // Canada Cricket

Canada have gone with the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid) for their kit and it has worked a treat. As usual, they have relied on just two main colours, but while in the past we've seen Canada go for red and white to match their flag, this time around they've replaced the white for gold.Β Β 

The maple leaf is still prominently on the front, but this time it's towards the base of the kit, shimmering in gold. As is the case with teams from North America who do merchandising so well, these threads will be able to be purchased by fans.Β 


Like India, England have updated their T20 playing kit for this year, but not yet shown off a version with the T20 World Cup logo and without the sponsored branding. This has been a soft launch from England - this official 2024 jersey design is being sold by online retailers in the UK without an official release from the ECB yet. The kit in which the defending champions won the 2022 tournament in Australia featured black outlines of the design of the three lions, but that's gone for this edition in favour of a more vibrant, brighter shade of red. The blue in their 2023 home design has been reduced to detail atop the shoulders and sleeve cuffs, and it appears to have a subtle pinstripe look. This is the kit they will wear in their T20 matches against Pakistan before they depart for the Caribbean.

The 2023 version of the T20 kit worn by Jos Buttler's men featured two stars above the three lions logo, representing their two T20 World Cup trophies in 2010 and 2022. However the replica kits sold last year did not include that detail, and it remains to be seen if that will be included in the official playing kit design.


Orange is back for India in 2024! The new T20 playing kit, produced by Adidas, was launched on May 7. This isn't exactly the kit they will wear at the T20 World Cup – that version will have the T20 World Cup logo on the right breast, and there will not be a sponsor logo plastered across the front, but the colour scheme and design will remain the same.Β 

The choice of orange shoulders and sleeves is bold - it's the first time India have displayed so much of the colour on a jersey at the T20 World Cup. Indeed, the only previous time an Indian kit has had this much orange was their clash kit for the 2019 50-over tournament in England, which drew mockery for its resemblence to a uniform worn by petrol station attendants at a popular Indian chain.Β 

But this kit is crisp and there's some nice detail here – the tricolor of saffron, white and green around the collar, for instance – and they have a single gold star above the BCCI logo to represent their solitary T20 World Cup win at the inaugural tournament in 2007, a win that really kick-started theΒ  nation's love affair with the shortest format.Β 


Playing kit not yet revealed


One of two nations to throw the design of their T20 World Cup playing kit open to a public competition, Namibia have gone for a sleek and modern design riffing on their team emblem, the eagle. The winning designer was Amè Mouton, an accountant from Windhoek, who wins a trip to the Caribbean to watch Namibia's games.


Nepal unveiled the rhino and Everest themed playing kit they hope will take them to the summit (or at least the Super Eight stage) at a press conference in Kathmandu in early April. The reception from fans was initially lukewarm. And in case you didn't know, the greater one-horned rhinos are found only in Nepal and northeast India, with the species on the rise but still desperately endangered. The last census showed a population of just 752 in the country.


The Dutch kits always stand out at global tournaments with their unique orange colour standing out. And this edition will be no exception.

Produced by Gray-Nicolls, these Netherlands threads are a retro re-imagination of the 1996 ODI World Cup kits, complete with rainbow pattern and vertical stripes. What these kits have added, very smartly, is the Netherlands flag on the trimming of each sleeve. We also get a bit of coloured flair on the bottom of the pant leg too.Β 

Interestingly, the Dutch had 'HOLLAND' plastered across the front in 1996. This time though, they've gone with 'NETHERLANDS'. 10 out of 10. What a fun kit.

The Dutch outfit in 1996 // Getty

New Zealand

A lot to love about this from New Zealand, although there will be plenty that hate it simply because it's not all black. Back in 1999 when coloured clothing was still pretty new, New Zealand rolled out in a teal number at that year's World Cup in England. We're now 25 years on from that famous tournament, and the Kiwis have paid homage with this striking design. Look carefully and you'll note the faint silhouette of the silver fern leaf across the midriff and on the left leg.

Chris Cairns and Roger Twose in 1999 // Getty


Playing kit not yet revealed


Credit where it is due, Pakistan take playing kit reveals seriously! Just check out this heart rate raising video reveal for what they've dubbed the Matrix Jersey.

As expected, green is the primary colour, with a couple of shades on the abstract geometric pattern, with a grandad collar. Above the Pakistan Cricket Board logo on the left breast is a single star, denoting their T20 World Cup win at the 2009 tournament hosted in England.Β 

Papua New Guinea

Playing kit not yet revealed


Scotland skipper Richie Berrington models the new kit // Ian Jacobs

While in the past Scotland have relied on dark blue, navy, deep purple and sometimes even with a touch of tartan in the past, but 2024 will see them enter their pink era. The striking kit is a brand new design that includes a navy collar and pink cuffs. The saltire (diagonal cross from the national flag) on the inside of the collar is a nice touch. Unfortunately no pink has made its way onto the pants, which are a standard navy.Β 

The Scottish pink on full display // Ian Jacobs

"The new pink kit is sure to stand out on the pitch as Scotland's men's players look to make a huge impact on the tournament, and we look forward to its colourful design being worn by supporters and splashed throughout the stands across the Caribbean in June," head of sales for Gray-Nicolls, Luke Gray said.Β 

South Africa

South Africa made a splash unveiling their kit with an oversized banner at the final of their domestic T20 competition. With the colours of their flag draped across the shoulders and a yellow trunk featuring a subtle protea flower motif, with green sleeves and pants, it's a colourful ensemble.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka have gone with a graphic-heavy kit // Sri Lanka Cricket

Sri Lanka haven't steered too far from their norm with plenty of dark blue and yellow trimmings, but have mixed it up with the graphic component of the outfit. The iconic sword-wielding lion is ever-present, but this time it is accompanied by images of the ocean and native plants. The sleeves look a bit odd as they don't match the complex design of the torso, but at least they match the pants.Β 


The African nation ran a public competition for the design of their jersey for this tournament, with this winning design from Elijah Mangeni that draws inspiration from the country's national bird, the grey crowned crane. "Where elegance meets strength, mirroring uganda's resilient spirit. The bold blend of vibrant colours symolises unity, echoing the national rpide. The jersey, with its feather-inspired patterns, pays homage to the majestic crested crane capturing the essence of grace and power" Mangeni wrote, after his design beat out two other finalists in the competition.

United States

Playing kit not yet revealed

West Indies

Playing kit not yet revealed