Our Venue Partners

  • Adelaide Oval

    Adelaide SA | Tarndanya

    Adelaide Oval, steeped in cricketing history, has been a significant venue for Test matches since its first Test in 1884, featuring Australia against England. With its picturesque setting and well-maintained pitches, the ground has witnessed some extraordinary matches, including the iconic 1960-61 tied Test between Australia and the West Indies. Adelaide Oval has also been the site of some remarkable individual performances, like Don Bradman's record-breaking 334 against England in 1930. Over the years, it has evolved into a modern stadium while preserving its heritage, remaining a cherished venue for cricket fans and players alike during Test matches.

  • Bellerive Oval

    Hobart Tas | Nipaluna

    Located in Hobart, Tasmania, Bellerive Oval has etched its name in Test cricket history as a reputable venue. Its first Test match took place in 1989 when Australia played Sri Lanka. Over the years, the picturesque ground has become known for its friendly atmosphere and passionate supporters. Blundstone Arena witnessed a significant moment when Australia's Ricky Ponting scored his historic 200th Test match century in 2012. Despite being a smaller venue, it has hosted several memorable Test matches and continues to serve as an important fixture in the Australian Test cricket calendar, contributing to the nation's cricketing heritage.

  • The Gabba

    Brisbane Qld | Meanjin

    The Brisbane Cricket Ground, commonly known as the GABBA, has played a pivotal role in the history of Test cricket since hosting its first Test match in 1931, featuring Australia against South Africa. Over the years, the GABBA has earned a reputation for its fast and bouncy pitches, making it a formidable fortress for the Australian cricket team. It has witnessed several historic moments, including Australia's famous tied Test against the West Indies in 1960. As one of Australia's premier cricket venues, the GABBA continues to be a popular choice for Test matches, offering thrilling contests and enduring memories for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground

    Melbourne Vic | Naarm

    The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has a storied history as one of the most revered venues for Test cricket. Its association with Test matches dates back to 1877 when Australia faced England in the first-ever Test on its hallowed turf. Over the years, the MCG has been the stage for countless iconic moments, including Sir Don Bradman's final Test appearance in 1948. The ground has hosted numerous Ashes battles and significant cricketing events, solidifying its status as an iconic cricket stadium. With its massive capacity and passionate crowd, the MCG continues to be a cricketing mecca, preserving its legacy as a historic and beloved venue for Test cricket.

  • Perth Stadium

    Perth WA | Boorloo

    Perth Stadium has swiftly emerged as a prominent venue for Test cricket since its inaugural Test match in 2018, featuring Australia against India. Although a relatively new addition to Test cricket history, the stadium's state-of-the-art facilities, impressive architecture, and lively atmosphere have quickly garnered attention from players and fans alike. The stadium's pitch has been known for its pace and bounce, offering an exciting challenge to both batsmen and bowlers. As a result, Perth Stadium continues to play a significant role in the Test cricket circuit, showcasing thrilling contests and adding a modern chapter to cricket's rich legacy in Australia.

  • Sydney Cricket Ground

    Sydney NSW | Warrane

    The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) has been an integral part of Test cricket history since its first Test match in 1882, featuring Australia against England. As one of the oldest cricket venues globally, the SCG has witnessed countless iconic moments, epitomized by the legendary Bradman's final Test innings in 1948, where he scored a century. The ground has been a regular host for the Ashes series and other significant Test matches, showcasing the rivalry and camaraderie between cricketing nations. With its rich heritage, electric atmosphere, and passionate spectators, the SCG remains a cherished and historic venue in the world of Test cricket.